All classes begin with stretching and warm up, so you learn good ways to improve balance and strength. Now a deeply explained lesson begins with demonstrations on the surfboard, where you’ll learn the basic techniques.

Surf Camps

Surf camps at San diego Surf Camp are safe and educational without being short on fun. All day camps, half day camps and overnight camps are available for all ages and skill levels.

This is the ideal way to grab a peek into the San Diego surf culture. Our surfing instructors are experienced and professional enough to help build a fantastic and enduring foundation in surfing.
  • Day Camp

    Another fun way to spend time in the sun is to attend a surfing day camp. This will enable you to learn surfing much more quickly even as you make new friends and have loads of fun doing it.

  • Night Camp

    San diego Surf Camp also offers overnight surf camps where you are able to visit some of the best surfing beaches and enjoy surfing with instructors and friends around you to offer you support, guidance, and helpful athletic or surfing stories.

San Diego is the place to be

San diego Surf Camp offers surf lessons for anyone five years of age or older. Our instructors are trained and certified and ensure that students build their confidence levels to begin surfing in the shortest possible time. We offer a range of surf lessons to meet the varying needs.

San Diego is the place to be