Having your first surf lesson or have you put your kids in San diego Surf Camp and you want to capture this amazing first time
experience that every one talks so much about and need proof ? Now is your chance to show your family and friends your picture of you surfing your very first wave. Treasure this special moment for your family photo album or seasons greeting card.

Why not take advantage of our professional on site photographer and get high resolution digital photography pictures taken of you in action? We promise we may get some bloopers for your personal records but guarantee we will catch every single moment of you riding your first wave! Don’t forget to smile for the camera!

All you need to do when you sign up for your surf lesson online is to get
your digital photo package online as well and our photographer will be there from start to finish. Your CD will be available for showing, usually straight after your lesson if not by the end of the day in our shop.


FAQ’s About Our Photography Package

What kind of still photos can I expect?
Excellent photos….. our cameraperson shoots on a high resolution digital SLR, so there won’t be any of the shutter delay that your friend’s camera probably has.He is also a pro surfer so knows how to position himself to capture your perfect moment of surfing. After your lesson you will be given a CD of the photos taken during your lesson, having the CD yourself allows you the freedom to have enlargements and multiple copies made for use in a variety of applications. Some of these applications may include greeting cards, post cards, business cards and posters.


Should I give advance notice?

Sure. If our photographer knows you want the photos just before the start of your
lesson, He/she will make sure to pay a bit of extra attention to you.

Can the cameraperson shoot more than one person (or can my friend and I share the cd)?

Of course, and hopefully, there will be some shots of you together. However, the pricing is per surfer (the more individuals, the better the
prices get).